From The Sea To Your Table

Think oysters, prawns, lobsters, big crabs, octopus… We can almost smell that sea breeze as we transport ourselves to the Mexican seaside while trying our impressive seafood products and recipes.

Chef's Speciality

Visit our restaurant to discover our chef’s favorites! The dishes you probably never tried if you are not Mexican. Recipes that represent the country and are full of taste and colors! Don’t miss it. 

Hola Vegans!

Discover all the Vegan Options that Tulum has for you, keeping the authenticity of Mexican Gastronomy in focus! 

Chef Andres, from Mexico, brought his top plant-based recipes that will blow your mind. 

Meat Lovers

Indulge in the delicious flavors of our Mexican Meat! 

From the grill to your table, Puerto 99 will turn your meal an authentic 

The Freshest Starter

Try our fresh starters, created with freshest ingredients imported from Mexico right to your table. Our incredible recipes will get your meal off to a delicious beginning.

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